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KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI am hoping that if you are on this page you feel as strongly about the importance of the FAITH IN GOD program in scouting as I do!

I have found that it is very easy to tie FAITH IN GOD into scouting and it is very enjoyable. So from the beginning I have expressed how important it is to start every den meeting with a great opening (See BOBCAT tab.)  The last quality item I add to my opening is covering a point in FAITH IN GOD.  It can be as easy as review an Article of Faith. In fact, that is what I do as a part of almost all of my den meetings.

Now what really makes progression in the FAITH IN GOD program possible as part of scouting is to dedicate one den meeting every other month to working on a FAITH IN GOD achievement. Notice I didn’t say every month. I said every other month.  If you remember, they only need to complete two activities in each of the three areas each year.  That’s only six! You can do it and the boys respond positively to it when you have a great attitude about it!

When you are dedicating the whole den meeting to FAITH IN GOD, remember that you can’t always complete it with the den.  But what I like to do is model the activity for them and then give them the resources to do it at home with thier family.  For example, this works well with the Family Home Evening lesson on Joseph Smith and pray. You give them the lesson and then challenge them to do the lesson at home. Don’t forget to tell the parents about the assignment and follow up to see if they got it done.

One last thought…I often have the concern come up, “What if there are non-LDS boys in my den?”  I say just talk to the parents. Explain that we are sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and we highlight points of our faith.  If they are concerned about what you might cover you can explain the FAITH IN GOD material to them. Let them decide if they want their son to participate or not.  Have another quick activity for the scout or errand for him for the minute or two you will cover FAITH IN GOD.

By talking with the parents, I haven’t had any that have wanted their son excluded. I look at it this way. I grow up back east in a very active LDS family and my parents let me do lots of church activities with friends of other faiths. It gave me a great appreciate for a wide variety of religions. It was also helpful to understand that there are others doing their best to provide a moral and spiritual basis for their children.

Just in and have fun with it.


Please use the helps below:

FaithInGod_Boys Booklet

Faith in God for boys-Color  One simple sheet to keep track of a boy’s progress. Easier to keep track of than the book and can be passed on to the next leader.

Faith in God for boys B&W

Faith in God Connected to Cub Scouting (Borrowed from another contributor)

Faith in God — Scout requirements (Borrowed from another contributor)

FAITH in God page My FAITH IN GOD reminder page with my Bobcat opening.


Pray Story

Article of Faith #1 Fun way to review an A of F by having a first letter clue.

Article of Faith #2

Article of Faith #3

Certificate for Boys (Borrowed from another contributor)

Faith in God for girls Record sheet for a girl’s progress.

Certificate for Girls (Borrowed from another contributor)

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